Customer Relationship

Using the AlphaPOS CRM module, you can manage your retail and online and B2B customer sales and customer information right from the heart of the system. Sales, marketing, loyalty and analysis is all smoothly managed in one place. Ease of use with a high level of functionality are core to AlphaPOS.


Sales Management

Track all customer transaction data for historical analysis and predict future buying trends. You’ll be able to analyze demographics across all your stores and identify top customers.

Customer Service Support

Provide better and more convenient service to your customers, knowing who they are and what they’ve purchased from you.

Marketing Insight

Create email or mail out lists to target your customers with your marketing efforts. Gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by tracking the source of your customers and their spending habits.

Customer Analysis

Keep a comprehensive record of customers’ purchasing history and personal/contact information to identify sales trends. Analyze the effectiveness of your marketing and the level of service your staff are providing.

Customer Loyalty

AlphaPOS comes with many opportunities to reward the loyalty of your deserving customers. The platform supports different loyalty systems include, points, multiple customer tiers, coupons and VIP benefits.

Track, Improve & Retain

Our CRM module gives you the ability to keep detailed records of all of your customer transactions for quick lookup. Your cashiers will be able to deliver a personalized approach with clerk-visible customer notes to increase customer service levels.