Inventory Management. Made

Unlimited Products + Unlimited Customization

AlphaPOS will scale with you. Track an unlimited number of products and services with unlimited attributes. Every product in your database will be easy to edit, import, export, group, filter and search. Every product detail you need to track can easily be added to the system, whether it’s ring size, colors, special edition merchandise or anything else that defines your products.

Inventory Transfer

Inventory balancing is a great way to move products, boost inventory turnover and avoid unnecessary discounts. Track and maintain stock levels across multiple stores in real time. Move stock between stores or your warehouse with transfers and quickly perform inventory lookups across all your sales channels.

Custom Barcode Designer

AlphaPOS comes with a built-in barcode designer that gives you the ability to design and print high-quality barcodes that work with major barcode systems out today. Our barcode designer also allows you to design, create and print customized mailing labels.

Physical WooCommerce Inventory Count

AlphaPOS allows you to perform physical inventory counts swiftly and accurately by taking a snapshot of your inventory file for a specific location that can be used as a reference. Different count types including full count, selective and spot count can be chosen. You won’t have to close your store or slow down operations to count inventory.

Inventory Adjustments

Adjust your inventory to account for breakage, wastage or write-offs to ensure accuracy and give you better context about how your products are being consumed. Combine this with our powerful reporting features to gain business insights you can use to optimize your processes.